The grapes are carried into small crates and put straight into a cold storage (8°C) for one night.
The next morning, bunches are mechanically de-stemmed and berries are sent to the optical sorting machine (purchased on 2013) by a conveyor belt.
The sorted berries fill the vats by natural gravity as they are located below the sorting area.
Entirely renovated in 2013, the vat room is composed of 20 temperature controlled tanks, made of purple stainless steel and shaped like an upside down truncated cone. This new space dedicated to vinification is high tech, innovative, aesthetic and practical. However its architecture remains traditional through its stone walls and wood frame.
Each plot is worked individually, in order to extract the best expression of its terroir.
Gentle pumping over and punching down pace the alcoholic fermentation. Then some lots are barreled for the malolactic fermentation, while the others remain in tanks for this process.


Ageing process follows as well the plot by plot management.
As the underground cellar is below the vat room, natural gravity is also used to barrel the wine. 50% new French oak barrel are purchased every year.
Under a dome of concrete, with control of temperature and humidity, our wine will age quietly during 14 to 16 months.